What’s New in BMC Track-It! 11.4

We are excited to announce that Track-It! 11.4 is now available! This release is another great step in improving the utility of Track-It! and the productivity of the people who use it. This release contains a few enhancements to existing features, some enhancements that were requested by Track-It! users in the Ideas area on the Track-It! Community and some defect corrections. Here are some highlights of the release. 

Self-Service Improvements for your end-users 

  • Track-It! users can now save time by approving or rejecting change requests via email
  • Track-It! users can also request more information about a change request via email before approving/rejecting
  • The self-service portal can now be customised to hide features that administrators don’t want their end-users to use
  • The Password Reset Kiosk application has a new silent install feature allowing it to be easily distributed to end users computers 

Administrative and Usability  Improvements

  • Track-It! Survey add on was integrated into the Track-It! product to provide easier implementation/updates for customers who own this module
  • The user interface was updated with a newer flat look and feel to give the application a more modern look
  • Work order notes can now be shown chronologically in email notifications
  • Users can now quickly access work order tickets in Track-It! Web using direct URL links. These links are also included in email notifications
  • Support for TLS has been added for email communications
  • Help documentation was redesigned into a single source web help system which works on all screen types/sizes
  • The support integration feature allows Track-It! administrators to submit requests for technical support directly to the BMC Track-It! support team from within the product
  • Addressed all recently reported security vulnerabilities


Upgrade Procedure