Created By: Jason Painter

Manufacturer: Numara Software

Product: Track-It!

Module: General

Version(s): All

Issue Type: Workaround

Effective as of 12 June 2013

The sa  User


There has been some confusion as to what the sa user is. The password for this account is asked for when installing or upgrading Track-It!. This user is not a Track-It! user. It's the built-in SQL Server admin account, created when SQL Server is installed.

In some cases, this password was not documented and is lost. Some users have resorted to changing the database password in the Administration Console:


This does not resolve the issue because the password in question is the password for the TRACKIT_80 user in the Track-It! database. This account is used by Track-It! and changing the password can break the connection to the database. This is a drastic operation and not recommended.


If the password for the sa  account is lost, then open SQL Server Management Studio and create a new user called sa2 . Get the properties for the sa  user and duplicate them for sa2 . Then try using sa2  as a substitute for sa  wherever called for. Document this password.